S*X Video Out, Celebrity Lodges Complaint

A sex video has gone viral in the social media which is said to be featuring Malaysian Badminton player Lee Chong Wei. He is currently world number 2 rank player and Olympic silver medal winner. As the video went viral in the social media, Lee Chong denied the allegations and registered a complaint with the police.

On the other hand, he posted on his FB page denying the allegations that “It has been brought to my attention that there is a pornographic video being circulated on social media in which it is alleged that I am purportedly one of the individuals featured in the said video. I categorically deny these malicious allegations and I state that I am not involved in any manner whatsoever with the said video and I am most certainly not a party featured therein. These allegations are serious and purport to slander, malign and defame my good name and character.

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I have lodged a police report and the matter is being investigated. Given the severity of the attempted disparage to my good name and character, I reserve my rights and will not hesitate to instruct my solicitors to take any action deemed necessary to the full extent of the law against the parties and/or individuals responsible and/or culpable for creating and/or circulating such slanderous and defamatory material and allegations. I urge all parties to stop circulating the video.”

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Though he is denying his connection to the sex video, it has become sensational because his biopic is going to be released in the next month. Apart from this, there are even match-fixing allegations on Lee Chong in the past. The Badminton Federation is yet to respond to this issue.

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