US Government Shutdown. What Happens Next?

The United States government has shut down for the first time since 2013, after the Senate failed to pass the short-term spending bill. In a late-night vote, Senate Democrats have joined to block the bill which would have kept the government running until mid-February. Despite requests, appeal from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republicans, the last-minute negotiations failed resulting in the failure of Short-Term Spending Bill.

Democrats have rejected the package as it lacked an immigration deal to protect so-called Dreamers from deportation.

To avoid a government shutdown, the Senate needed to pass the short-term spending approving government funding through February 16 and then it needs to be signed by the US President Donald Trump. But the bill failed to pass before the deadline.

The US government ran out of money on Friday at midnight local time (EST). And Senate has not passed an extension to fund the government.

What Happens Now?

Hundreds and thousands of government employees would have to stay at home without pay. Overseas, visa and passport services could be closed. Except for those involved in national security and national emergency would, everyone would have to stay at home.

With this, the working of the federal government comes to a standstill. This is going to affect the US drastically. Meanwhile, the safety and security services would be exempted.

Who All Work?

US Military, Judicial staff work as it is. The military’s war in Afghanistan or its operations against Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria continue as it is. All 1.3 million military personnel on active duty would remain on normal duty status.

The Justice Department has many essential workers. Under its shutdown contingency plan, about 95,000 of the department’s almost 115,000 staff would keep working.

Who Won’t Work?

More than 1000 of the 1715 staff at the White House would be furloughed (i.e a leave of absence from duty granted). Except safety and security services, all other major services would be suspended.

Shut Down For How Long?

Until the budget situation is resolved.

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