TV Anchor Pradeep Recorded “No Drink And Drive” Video – Day Before Arrest

Popular Television Achor Pradeep Machiraju who was caught for drunk driving on Monday Recorded “No Drink And Drive” Video on Saturday. In Which he is seen asking people not to drink and drive. In the video, Pradeep is seen exhorting people to ‘think of those who wait for you at home.” In this ad, he speaks against rash, careless and irresponsible driving and exhorts the youth to separate drinking and driving.

It may be recalled that Pradeep, famous for his celebrity chat show ‘Konchem Touch Lo Unte Cheputa,’ was caught being fully drunk while driving on New Year eve on Jubilee Hills road No 45.Pradeep was driving a BMW and the blood alcohol content (BAC) was high at 178 mg/ml, according to the traffic police. He will get back his car after completing the court proceedings.

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P. Balavanthaiah, Jubilee Hills Traffic inspector, said, “A charge sheet has been filed against him and will have to attend the counseling session by the Hyderabad traffic police. He will be produced in the court which may award him jail for two days.”

Regarding the anti-drunk driving campaign, conducted on New Year’s eve by the city police, he said, “It was difficult. No one cooperates in the night.”

In Related News Telugu TV Anchor Pradeep landed in another trouble. Police decided to register another case for not removing black film to the Windows of his car.

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