Trailer Talk: IAS Officer In Bhaagamathie’s Adda

For a long time, everyone is eagerly waiting to see the trailer of Anushka’s latest movie “Bhaagamathie”. After she delivered a stunning performance in Baahubali as Devasena, the whole country is even looking forward for this film. Here comes the much-awaited trailer.

After stunning everyone with a sensational teaser where Anushka is seen crusading herself, director Ashok has now given a sleek peek of the story of the movie. It happens to be the story of IAS Officer Chanchala, played by Anushka, who sets out to do good for a village. And then she’s disgraced, put behind bars and somehow sent to this ill-gotten and ghost-ridden Mahal.

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That sets the tone for everything as we could notice that the Mahal belongs to erstwhile Bhaagamathie of a different era. As Anushka in her other role says, “Evadu padithey vaadu raavadaaniki idemanna pasuvula Doddaa? Bhaagamathie Adda. Lekkalu telali. Okkadni ponivvanu!!”

Anushka’s riveting performance in a dual role, Thaman’s hair-raising background score, Madhie’s terrific cinematography puts this film on a higher bar with UV Productions reflecting their marvellous production values yet again.

As Anushka says ‘Lekkalu telali’, it sounds like she’s talking about those box office ‘lekkalu’ from January 26th. Bhaagamathie, we’re waiting!!

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