Telangana latest: KCR’s Satire on Nara Lokesh?

Telangana Chief Minister KCR has indirectly took pot shot at AP IT Minister and CBN’s scion Nara Lokesh.

When asked about his family members having various posts, KCR’s fitting reply has shut down his critics, detractors. “My son, My daughter have actively participated in the Telangana movement. Also, they were elected by people. They are public representatives elected by people,” said KCR during India Today’s conclave held in Hyderabad.

KCR indicated that the people’s vote for his son, daughter are more than enough to have posts as they have striven hard for the Telangana state to become reality.

However, many are linking KCR’s comments to Nara Lokesh who was nominated as MLC and made as AP Minister.

KCR also said that he would welcome if Centre makes Hyderabad as the second capital of India.

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