A story of Promise Toothpaste By Prakash Raj!

In politics there are no permanent enemies and friends. When there is an opportunity everyone can try to make most of it. In Karnataka, there is no good strong opposition except for JDS, Janatha Dal (secular) to the two National parties that cater to regional politics.

Hence, BJP and Congress fight for superiority there all the time. For the first time, BJP got into power all by itself without the support of JDS. But they lost in 2013 to Congress and now, they want to regain the Karnataka Assembly there.

They have stated a big 90-day rally, “Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivarthana Yatra” (a rally to build New Karnataka with the bricks of Change). Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed the huge gathering on the culmination of this yatra, on Sunday at Bengaluru.

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He said that the new Metro rail project will help Bengaluru Suburb that is ever growing to travel easily and save them crores of money. Also, he said that their promise to build a new Karnataka will be an inclusive movement with all youth, educated and politically inclined people working towards same goal.

For this meet, BJP social media wing asked for volunteers to get in touch through social media and arranged them seats at the gathering.

With such innovative way, BJP tried to attract the city youth and slowly, they are ready to start a complete full blown rallies to other areas, promosing that the new government will bring all the change.

Current incumbent Siddharamayya government has been facing much criticism and actors like Prakash Raj and Upendra have started making political statements to attract youth. While Upendra has started his party, Prajakeeya, Prakash Raj has been going against Modi and Modi Government.

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In the vague of yesterday’s comments and promises by Modi, he tweeted the following,

“PROMISE TOOTHPASTE sold in 2014 .. ( forget brushing the teeth ) could not bring a smile on distressed farmers or jobless youth of my country……..do you believe PROMISE TOOTHPASTE ….sold yesterday …in Karnataka rally ….will bring it…. #justasking “

He seems to be highly upset with Karnataka politics and Modi, in general. Is the actor planning to enter into politics?? Let’s wait and see.

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