‘Sorry Mom,’ Wrote Hyderabad Girl Found Hanging After School Shaming

A 14-year-old School girl allegedly hung herself last evening at her home in Hyderabad after being thrown out of class during an exam for not paying the fees. The police say a note was found near her body, which said “They didn’t allow me to write the exam. Sorry, Mom.”

The School girl, a class 9 student, was publicly shamed and asked to leave the class at the private school, her family alleges.

She came home and told her sister she felt humiliated when school officials called out her name and threw her out of the class.

She was found hanging from a fan at her home in Malkajgiri.

Based on the family’s complaint, the police have charged the school with driving the student to suicide.

Sai Deepti 14 student of the 9th standard committed suicide after she was allegedly beaten up by a student in Jyoti High School in Malkajigiri Jyoti Nagar.

Sai deepti belongs to poor family and her father is auto driver and her family is suffering with financial difficulties due to which they couldn’t able to pay the school fee in time…..School authorities didn’t allowed her to write the exam for which innocent girl went into depression and committed suicide by hanging at her residence……

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