Sai Pallavi, the Latest Victim of Rumours

Industry rumors spare no one and how can Sai Pallavi be an exception? She fell victim to the latest rumors that started doing rounds alleging that she rejected Dil Raju’s movie featuring Nithin in the lead and being directed by Satish Vegesna. But we know that Sai Pallavi is already doing a film ‘MCA‘ with Nani in the lead under Dil Raju’s production banner. Dil Raju isn’t a producer who produces only one movie, occasionally.

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He is like a factory doling out movie after movie, giving chances to new talent and several new faces. Sai Pallavi might have asked him for a different movie but several sources reported that she rejected Dil Raju. Let’s go back and remember when Sai Pallavi said that Dil Raju is like God Father for her in the Telugu Film Industry. This looks like another gossip and Sai Pallavi fell victim to it. Such things do happen and the reality must be left to readers’ discretion.

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