After Waiting 1 Hr, Pawan kalyan Rejected KCR’s Dinner

Nearly waiting for 1 hour and sipping of two coffees, Pawan Kalyan’s first ever visit to Pragathi Bhavan is all cinematic probably straight out of a script from Tollywood political potboiler.

Pawan apparently waited for 1 hour to meet KCR as the Chief Minister went out and returned late to home.

Knowing that Pawan has already came to Pragati Bhavan, KCR has sent a couple of his ministers to Pragathi Bhavan to accompany Pawan till he comes.

Once KCR arrived, bitter critics Pawan and KCR spent valuable time talking about various issues. Pawan appreciated KCR on his two major achievements – one is making Telangana, a power-plus state from power-deficit state and the second is grand success of the World Telugu Conference (Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu) which recently concluded in Hyderabad.

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Meanwhile, KCR said to have directed his team to make special arrangements for dinner to Power Star at his home with family members. But guess what? Pawan gently turned down KCR’s offer to have dinner at his home.

Usually, KCR’s dinner menu is quite large, flamboyant with several authentic dishes of Telangana. KCR’s home food is quite famous and people who are aware of it won’t give it a miss. But Pawan Kalyan shocked many by gently saying ‘no’ to KCR’s offer to have dinner with him.

Pawan has apparently conveyed KCR that he is on strict diet and have already gulped two coffees. Pawan explained him why he couldn’t take up his offer. After the meet, Pawan interacted with media personnel and said it was a good-will, courtesy meeting.

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