Pawan Kalyan Did What Naidu, Jagan Failed To Do

What Chandrababu Naidu and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy couldn’t do in Telangana, Pawan Kalyan has done it with ease. While Naidu (who has done a lot of progress in Hyderabad and played instrumental role in development of IT in Hyderabad) and Jagan (his father CM YSR has given free electricity to the farmers in Telangana and helped several other sections through Aarogya Sri and Jala Yagnam), both the leaders couldn’t dare to rally in Telangana fearing the Telangana sentiment strongly promoted by KCR and TRS.

Despite its strong foothold in Telangana, TDP today is almost wiped out in the state.

Whereas Pawan is smartly making his moves in Telangana and trying to build his party. By praising KCR and TRS, he is slowly making inroads into Telangana state. At the same time, he is swooning Telangana crowds by raking up his love for Telangana culture and people stating that it is more close to his heart.

In this way, he is a winner compared to Naidu, YS Jagan. Perhaps, post-bifurcation, Pawan is the only Andhra leader to heavily rally in Telangana with this charm. Although Jagan and Sharmila had done rallied in Telangana after bifurcation, it had not attracted the mileage, coverage the Pawan is getting right now.

Looks like, Pawan has made a perfect debut in Telangana. A well begun is half done!

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