Why Netizens Fuming On Young Miss World?

Otherday we have already revealed that Miss India beauty Manushi Chillar who has gone on to become Miss World has debuted on the most popular Dabboo Ratnani calendar. But her very presence in this calendar has now led to a various discussion on social media.

Apparently many netizens are upset that she has agreed to appear in a bikini for the photo shoot. With the suspension of Bikini Round at international pageant, Manushi didn’t slip into one in her journey to Miss World. And she appeared in a bikini shoot only once. Now that she slipped into a deep bikini and with ample cleavage on the display, some of her fans have got hurt.

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While some say that Manushi shouldn’t have done that because she also happens to be a soon-to-be Doctor and should look dignified. Some advice her to not rush to Bollywood with such madness. All these moral police, however, forgot one thing.

It is Manushi’s decision to appear in the choice of outfits she wants to wear. Who is anyone to tell her what is right and wrong, and how a doctor who became Miss World should look? Why should one rub their own thoughts on such a beautiful girl?

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