KTR’s Solid Retort to Uttam Kumar Reddy

That was a perfect answer to Uttam Kumar Reddy for the baseless allegations he made on KTR attending the Davos Tour. Uttam Kumar questioned if the IT minister if he had got the invite for the tour or he himself registered and went there spending the government’s money.

Uttam Kumar Reddy challenged KTR to reveal if he actually was invited to the event or the government paid for the registration with which KTR gave a speech at the event calling himself a pride to the state. Well, KTR reverted to the allegation with a strong punch with proofs for the Congress leader to verify. Calling him the intellectually bankrupt Telangana Congress president, KTR wrote: “Uttam Kumar Reddy Garu, I am no Pappu. Hope you have the decency to correct yourself”. Well, we all know who Pappu is referred to here. That was humorous hit back to Uttam Kumar Reddy. People couldn’t stop laughing out loud looking at the tweet. How about you?

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