Gujarat Poll Analysis: Congress Defeated Congress

Gujarat Poll Analysis: Amit Shah has played a pivotal role in bringing back the BJP in power in Gujarat. Well, no doubt, there is Modi factor, but Amit Shah’s command over grassroots and how he managed the rebels of Congress in not withdrawing their nominations seem to have worked giving an edge to BJP in winning more seats and thus attaining the figure of 99 Assembly seats against 182.

Apparently, Amit Shah had been in touch with Congress rebel candidates and when they were persuaded to withdraw their nominations by their own old party, Shah seems to have played perfect politics by directing them to be in the fray. This said to have spoiled the chances of Congress candidates in some constituencies in Gujarat.

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Even when Hardik Patel was using all his energy, strength by mustering Patidar community (which has the significant population in Gujarat) to vote against BJP, Shah managed to give a good margin to BJP by gaining 99 seats while all the party needed was just 92 to rule.

On the other hand, Shah has perfectly executed his plan to woo Tribal voters who have been loyal to Congress. Little did Congress expect that they vote against them in the 2017 polls. By this, Shah has given a great shock to Congress.

Whereas in Himachal Pradesh, BJP really need not put much energy into the mistakes of incumbent Congress itself worked against the party, helping BJP to grab the power. In a way, it is Congress which defeated Congress in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

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