Growing Threat to Teenage Girls at Schools

If there is a place that can be safe for a teenager, be it a girl or a boy, what could it be? School? If this is your answer too, then it is unfortunately not, in this social media era.

It is a selfie world out there and a harm is easily accessible through the 5-inch smartphone. According to a survey, the rate of cybercrime among teenagers has constantly being grown as the time goes. Girls are ought to make boyfriends at the schools not be left out of the school circles. And they share their private pictures with the boyfriends with force and then get subjected to blackmail and revenge porn.

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It has become a “trend” in city schools now that teenagers share obscene pictures of themselves to their partners and upon break-up, to take revenge on the girl, the boy publishes the private posts and pictures amongst school circle which go viral in no time. As the school managements state, students don’t report such cyber bullying, for they are scared of their family reputation spoiled. Friendly and watched parenting is the best way to avoid their kids from falling into such traps as the experts say.

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