Full Story: This Is How He Tried to Trap Amala Paul

The long episode of Amala Paul’s sexual harassment case has become viral on the internet with Amala being the latest actress to confess something like that openly. She not just escaped the trap of the harasser but also had the police arrest him. After the things are a little settled down, Amala gave a press release of detailed description on what exactly happened.

In the long letter, she briefed that this businessman who is now arrested came to her at the place where she was practicing dance along with other participants for a Malaysian event. He came to her and asked her to come out for an important talk about the event. He then asked her for a private dinner that night, which startled the actress who asked the purpose. The man then sighed not be a kid and tried to lure her into his business of a sex racket.

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Phew! luckily she escaped with the help of her team and police. With two other men of the harasser held by police, Amala urged the cops to catch all the culprits involved and reveal their names to the public.

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