Jana Sena President’s Early Morning Tweet Slaps Critics

Janasena president and movie star, Pawan Kalyan, never indulges in these good morning and good night tweets. Thought that’s a rarity for him, today he stunned everyone by tweeting something in the morning itself.

“Those who can’t defeat you in personality will actually talk about your caste, money and colour. Don’t know who said it but a respectable & senior journalist has greeted me today morning with the above quote.Felt like sharing.Good day!” tweeted Pawan Kalyan today morning, stunning everyone.

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And that tweet is now sounding like a slap in the face of critics who are busy slamming him on television at the very same time. By the time this tweet came out, a discussion is going on a leading Telugu news channel as a self-popular critic is lashing out heavily at heroine Poonam Kaur for supporting the Janasena president. Directly claiming that Pawan is behind the likes of Hyper Aadhi and Poonam Kaur, one critic accused that the Janasena president is intentionally making these celebs target him.

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If we look at the whole thing from bird’s eye perspective, like the way this critic is trying to get fame by slamming Pawan Kalyan all the time, those celebs are also trying to get into the limelight by showcasing their love for Powerstar. Nothing more than that!!

The irony is, if someone says that this critic is backed by YS Jagan, he breathes fire. But he will continue saying that the likes of Hyper Aadhi and Poonam Kaur are backed by Pawan Kalyan. Is there any ethic in making such comments?

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