Dec 31st – A Tonique Day For Telugus!

Telangana latest: Many people come up with different kinds of New Year resolutions. It looks like the people in Telugu states took a ‘unique’ resolution to create historical liquor sales on December 31st, celebrating the New Year.

According to official sources, the boozers from the Telugu states boozed Rs. 437.7 crores from their pockets celebrating the New Year. Usually, the liquor sales have an average of Rs. 40 crores and Rs. 25 crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana respectively.

But the liquor sales skyrocketed on December 31st, given the onset of the 2018 New Year. Interestingly, from Dec 25th – Dec 30th, the liquor sales were Rs. 240 crores according to AP Govt. But on Dec 31st alone, these sales touched Rs. 230 crores.

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Similarly, the sales in Telangana touched Rs. 207.7 crores on Dec 31st. Vishakhapatnam known for its beautiful beaches and scenery topped the list in AP with liquor sales of Rs. 30 crores on Dec 31st. While in Telangana, The City of pearls, Biryani and Baahubali, Hyderabad [Greater] topped the list in both the Telugu states with liquor sales Rs. 125 crores on Dec 31st.

The overall liquor sales in both the Telugu states touched Rs. 437.7 crores on December 31st 2017 alone.

No wonder, a comedy scene featuring comedian Sunil talks in large about the contribution of ‘liquor’ sales to the state government’s income. The same has been proved yet again.

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