Latha Rajinikanth: Court’s Ultimatum to Rajinikanth’s Wife

Rajinikanth’s wife Latha Rajinikanth has got an ultimatum, from the Madras High Court to accept the new rent for a shop that was taken for a lease for running a travel agency in Chennai or else after a month the sop will be auctioned. Earlier, a signatory on the behalf of the superstar’s wife filed a complaint against the Chennai Municipal Corporation after the corporation hiked the rents that were given on lease.

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On the one hand, Rajnikanth’s fans are expecting a political announcement from the superstar on 31st December. On the other hand, his wife Latha is fighting court cases regarding rental issues of a shop claiming that they can’t pay the exorbitant prizes fixed by the corporation and alleging that the fixation happened going against the rules.

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