Contract Proof of Rumored Prabhas’ Film

Arshi Khan, known Bigboss contestant tweeted about signing Prabhas’ film has gone viral on the internet with people disgusting her attempt to draw attention using social media with a news that is fake.

Dismissing those rumors that her tweet is just a hoax and there is no truth in it, Arshi Khan showed her contract to the media on an interview as proof of her signing a South Indian film. However, she says that she never talked to Prabhas and is only in contact with the filmmakers. She says that the makers told that the film has already signed Prabhas and she is not sure if the hero is still in.

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Arshi says that the shooting of the film would start this February 17th. The contact paper says about a south film titled Return of Rebel 3. The letterhead also has Meher Ramesh as a director. Could this be a very old one that is being used now?

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prabhas arshi khan film
prabhas arshi khan film

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