“CM Pawan Kalyan”, It Is Fun To You, Not Me!!

Expressing his support and solidarity for the agitating employees of Dredging Corporation of India who are on strike from the last nine days, today Janasena President Pawan Kalyan met them in Vizag. DCI actually takes up the cleaning and excavation process in various harbours, to make sure that the sea bottom is steered clear of any filth that could hamper free navigation of ships.

During his speech, fans have kept shouting ‘TDP Hatao BJP Hatao’ and also ‘CM Pawan Kalyan’. And then, the epic reply from the Janasena leader this way. “There is still time to say Party Hatao. We have to speak certain things only at certain times” he asserted.


Later with fans and admirers intensifying the shouts, “CM Pawan Kalyan”, the Janasena president warned them saying, “Don’t commit those mistakes everyone out there does. If you shout CM, I won’t feel anything inside my heart. Because shouting that way maybe fun to you but not me. Power is nothing but responsibility. Even If I don’t have power, I won’t shy away from responsibilities”.

Speaking on DCI issue, he said: “No one worries about a loss-driven public sector company being sold to private persons. But when Dredging Corporation Of India is running at profits, the government is trying to kill it methodically and sell it off, much to anyone’s despair. Local MP Haribabu and Anakapalli MP Avanti Srinivas might shy away from the responsibilities and political accountability, but I won’t because I’ve campaigned here for the TDP-BJP combine. So I feel responsible to respond and react on this issue”, said Pawan Kalyan.

“You don’t have any ethical and moral right to ask these people for votes again” articulated Pawan Kalyan. He also stated that if we keep quiet now, tomorrow the governments will sell of Vizag Steel and Air India as well.


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