Telangana: Sonia Gandhi’s birthday celebrations at Gandhi Bhavan on Saturday turned out to be a KCR bashing session with leader after leader of the Congress giving a call for “KCR hatao and Telangana bachao” and reiterating that it was time for re-alignment of anti-KCR forces to save Telangana from ‘suppression’Read More →

haved Pawan

Janasena party President Pawan Kalyan was on tour in AP. Today he visited Vijayawada and dealt with the people who are facing problems. Later on, after lunch, he consulted with the party members. For the first time he revealed the incident which never happened but got a lot of popularityRead More →

Nara Family Assets

Nara Lokesh, IT Minister of AP declared his family assets. He said Heritage is the only source of income for Nara Family.And he expects AP people to believe that!! Of course, this asset declaration is every year’s ritual from Nara Family. Here is how Lokesh splits his family earnings: LokeshRead More →

Metro Pillar Broken

If something good happens then the bad follows. That is how present-day society is and when Hyderabad commuters are enjoying rides on the newly inaugurated Metro transport system, a big rumour started panicking them. An old photo, which has done rounds even during the inauguration of Delhi and Bangalore metroRead More →

Pawan Kalyan

Expressing his support and solidarity for the agitating employees of Dredging Corporation of India who are on strike from the last nine days, today Janasena President Pawan Kalyan met them in Vizag. DCI actually takes up the cleaning and excavation process in various harbours, to make sure that the seaRead More →