Actress’s Open Talk About Her Body Parts Shy Trollers

It was old times where actresses used to fear the bad tongues splashing dirt over them who try to use their right of wanting look as they wanted. We know Shama Sikander who is known for her fashion sense and the hot attire.

She gave a perfect slap for these trollers. She is known for her hot pictures shared on her social media account and the trollers have shown the power of their criticism in all means with the derogatory language used describing her body parts. Calling her breasts as melons and what not.

shama sikander
shama sikander

Well, Shama is a bold woman who just knew how to shut them all. She posted another hot bikini picture of her’s relaxing on the beach side with a long message to the trollers. She wrote I have b**bs describing them as nice, melons and juicy. The bold talk has definitely shamed the body shamers in turn this time. Hope they have learned the lesson.

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