Actress Creates Sensation by Wearing Bikini on TV

These days, Television shows are competing with films in terms of offering ‘hot’ quotient to viewers. Even kisses have become common on Television in some shows. However, probably for the first time, an actress has created sensation by appearing in bikini on a TV show.

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Miss India 2012 Finalist, Nikita Dutta is the model-turned-actress to appear in bikini on a TV show recently. Talking about her bold act, Nikita reportedly said that she didn’t feel TV is lagging behind films in any aspect and hence she had no qualms in ablazing the small screen in bikini.

She further said that being a Miss India contestant and a reigning model, she gives utmost importance to bikini body and works out very hard to maintain it. ‘Why would I want to conceal my hard earned bikini body,’ she reportedly asked.

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